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This page presents some rules for playing a fantasy swashbuckling game using the GURPS rules. The campaign presented here takes place in the Caribbean during the Golden Age pof Piracy. It is largely historical but has a bit more magic in it. There are also rules for cinematic ship combat - as written by someone who has never set a foot on a sailing ship and has no intention to ever do so.

Finally, there are some tiles for miniature combat. They are not the hexes preferred by GURPS but rather the typical square-based tiles commonly used by d20 systems to allow their use in other game systems as well.


 Cinematic Ship Combat  pdf
 Swashbucklers of the Spanish Main Campaign  pdf
 Pirate Cave Tiles (ca. 500kB)  pdf, as pure bitmaps (part1, part2)
 Pirate Variant Campaigns  pdf

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