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One Shot Adventures

The one shot page! As you can guess, one-shot adventures can be found here. Mostly it is stuff I made for conventions and other events. It is not a lot so far but maybe you like to take a look. Feedback is always welcome.

There are also adventure seeds to be found here - I love to create those. If you ever make a whole adventure out of one, please let me know. I love to hear stories on how people use my stuff.

In any event, I hope you enjoy what you find here.


 Operation Ragnarok is a cyberpunk adventure that recreates the story of Ragnarok in a futuristic setting. It does not have any magical elements but the allusions to the old Norse myth should appeal to most fantasy players as well.  adventure (pdf), rules (pdf)
 Treasure Hunt is an experimental adventure for DMs with creativity and ability to improvise. The adventure is very generic, the world it takes place in is chosen by the players! adventure (pdf),  templates (pdf)
 Adventure Seeds: These are some seeds I came up with, covering a wide range of genres.  pdf
 Shadowrun Lone Star "Beamten-Handbuch" auf Deutsch (Material for a Shadowrun Cop Campaign in German)  pdf

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